What products are suitable for our solutions

Where can you use our data?

Products & solutions

Analytics Services

  • You can get any historical data on the basis of which you can build analytics for decision making.

Portfolio Tracking Services

  • Collect blockchain data in your application and track users' token balances, transactions, and protocol positions in real time.

For Wallets

  • You can receive all transfers to client addresses (including NFT - transfers, ERC-20 and internal transfers) with one request, instead of checking all blocks of the blockchain. Including for any range of blocks.

For Investors

  • Make better investment decisions with WatchData insights & analytics dashboards and price trend notifications.

For DeFi Products

  • Get all transactions to an address with one request;
  • Get all addresses that interacted with your smart contract;
  • Get all the owners of your token.

Different dApps

  • Develop applications for any needs, we are ready to take on the correctness of the data so that everything works perfectly.