How do I add WatchData to MetaMask?

A short description how to add WatchData nodes to your MetaMask

Sign up for WatchData and get your first API key! A detailed guide on how to create an account, you can find here:

🛠️pageQuick start guide to WatchData!

Now create a custom RPC configuration in MetaMask

Go to your MetaMask wallet and click on the network drop-down list at the top, selecting Custom RPC at the bottom.

Then you’ll see the following screen:

Let’s fill in these fields with custom RPC information.

  1. For your network, you can assign any name you want. We will use the Ropsten test network and in this example, we will name it WatchData Ropsten

  2. For the New RPC URL field, generate a key and copy the HTTP Link for the blockchain you need to work with.

Supported chains list here:

💡pageSupported chains

Your final HTTP link should look like:

3. Find the chain ID for the network you want to connect to.

  • Ethereum Mainnet — chainID = 1

  • Ethereum Ropsten — chainID = 3

4. Currency Symbol and Block Explorer URL are optional. For most chains, no input is needed here.

When you’re done, your configuration should look something like this:

And don’t worry if you get a warning, for example: “This Chain ID is currently used by the ropsten network.”. This is just MetaMask reminding you that you have a different configuration for the same chain, which is fine. Once you’ve filled in these information fields, just click Save!

And that’s it! You’re done!

We recorded a short video for you on how to add WatchData nodes to your Metamask

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