Why Use WatchData?

WatchData provides a comprehensive developer platform for your dApps on the Ethereum and others popular Blockchains.

Access the full potential of Web3 power in one place

Developing a dApp can be tough 😤

It's a common problem for companies and teams of all sizes: the best engineers spend their days on infrastructure, not applications and features. We've been there, and know how frustrating this can be. This is why we set out to build a platform that would allow teams to focus on building the applications, services, and products they cared about - without getting bogged down in infrastructure management.
❌ You have to set up nodes;
❌ You need to make sure they're secure;
❌ You have to figure out how to use them in your development;
It's a lot of work, especially if you're new to blockchain development.
But with WatchData, we make it easy. Our Powered API gives you access to our custom nodes that are built for production and provide 100% data correctness. And it only takes 1-minute to integrate! 😎
🛑 STOP wasting your time and money!

Try our products:

✅ WatchData Node API - The fastest access to multiple blockchains
✅ Powered API - Get the keys to more data. More data, less actions

We love our clients 🥰

In half a year WatchData has already been able to help many businesses and innovative startups add value with cutting-edge solutions. Our clients range from various crypto startups, payment services, wallets to socially important projects, quantum funds and institutions
  • 100% Data Correctness
  • More than 300 customers have been satisfied with WatchData solutions that have brought them great business opportunities and helped them avoid potential risks.
  • 30% faster product development

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