Easily transfer from an address using the private key.

Return value: transaction, including execution results.


Please control risks when using this API. To ensure environmental security, please do not invoke APIs provided by other or invoke this very API on a public network.

Body params:

  • privateKey - passPhrase is the private key in hex string format

  • toAddress - toAddress is the recipient address, converted into a hex string;

  • amount - amount is the amount of TRX to transfer in SUN.


curl -X POST  https://tron.api.watchdata.io/wallet/easytransferbyprivate -d '{"privateKey": "D95611A9AF2A2A45359106222ED1AFED48853D9A44DEFF8DC7913F5CBA727366", "toAddress":"4112E621D5577311998708F4D7B9F71F86DAE138B5","amount":10000}'


  "result": {
    "message": "313a313a20457870656374656420227b222e"

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