Change Log (update)
Records of all notable changes made to WatchData.


  • Binance Smart Chain API - BSC Blockchain enables access to most commonly used BSC methods.
  • Powered API support for Binance Smart Chain


  • Bitcoin API - Bitcoin Blockchain enables access to most commonly used BTC methods.
  • Price API improvements
  • watch_getTokenMetadata - Check all the necessary information about tokens


  • Added Price API. Now you can get lists of currencies and rates to integrate into your applications.
  • See the guides how to interact with Price API


  • Improved interface. Now you can select the necessary blockchain, name it and get HTTP Link directly from your Dashboard
  • Improved stability


  • Tron API - Tron Blockchain enables access to most commonly used Tron methods. It's possible to generate TRON account, send TRX, TRC10 and TRC20 assets. It's also possible to generate custom TRC10 or TRC20 tokens using API.


  • For Ethereum mainnet and Ropsten API added ability to communicate directly with a node
Listed endpoints


Listed endpoints
  • Added option to use api_key via query parameter
    • Web3 library support
    • Metamask support
  • watch_getTransfers method became watch_getTransferByAddress, and watch_getTrasnfers became the general method without the address filter (all parameters are optional)


Listed endpoints:
Supported chains: