⛓️Blockchain API

With WatchData’s API, you can get to Raw blockchain data: balances, transactions, blocks, tokens transfers, logs, and others.

Interact with multiple blockchains in a unified way!

Advantages of our Blockchain API

βœ… No need to run your own node

Spare yourself from development costs and associated expenses. Call most JSON-RPC methods via our API in the same way as sending to an own node.

βœ… Data correctness

You can't afford to lose data. And you certainly can't afford to have a single point of failure. This is why WatchData Blockchain API is perfect for you: its proprietary coordinator service ensures that your data is always correct, real-time, and in sync.

βœ… Fast & reliable

Gain instant access to blocks, transactions, and contracts using raw data. Get advantage of fast access for blocks, transactions and contracts using the raw data.

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